Dewen Chen is our Chief Executive Officer and was one of the principal founders of our online game business. Mr. Chen joined Sohu in 2005 as a business manager, responsible for building our sales team for games products and starting May 2006, Mr. Chen was in charge of the overall marketing, promotion, sales and channel distribution of Sohu’s games products. Prior to our carve out from Sohu, Mr. Chen was the Director of Marketing & Operations of online games business of Sohu. From April 2000 to April 2005, Mr. Chen worked at Shanghai Hua Teng Software System Co. Ltd. as a pre-sale technology consultant and sale manager of its business with banks. Prior to that, Mr. Chen had worked with Fujian Shi Da Computer Group as a software engineer, project manager and later the Director of the Technology Department at its Shanghai branch office. Mr. Chen received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University.